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Alias In Town

Are You A Christian With a Mental Illness
an Addiction or
a Chronic Illness?

So Am I

Christians are just as susceptible to depression and addiction as any other social group.   For a depressed Christian or a Christ follower with an addiction, seeking help feels like shining a spotlight into your spiritual life and highlighting  it as a failure .  I felt like a failure after my own struggles and suicide attempt.


My memoir, Well, chronicles my journey toward healing. It is told in a unique way.  When I came home from treatment, I started pouring over old journals and found entries where I sought forgiveness, healing and deliverance.  I gathered them up into a scrapbook.  I added original artwork telling my story through the end of a paintbrush.  I realized this scrapbook had become something.  It had become a vulnerable and raw memoir telling a story of hope.  


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