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The art journal that morphed  into a book.  A story of redemption, repentance, and restoration.


An insightful Bible study on the Hebrew names of God in the Old Testament.

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Christian Author and Speaker

Alias In Town is an anagram of my name  In every town there are alias people living with chronic illness, chronic pain, addiction and depression.  I am one of those people. Learning to live well while ill is a necessary and difficult endeavor.  I've learned multiple coping and life strategies to be Well.

Depression and addiction are often taboo topics in the church.  However, Christians are just as susceptible to depression and addiction as any other social group.  Christians who suffer from these afflictions often don’t seek help because of shame and fear of alienation.  For a depressed Christian or a Christ follower with an addiction, seeking help feels like shining a spotlight into their spiritual life and highlighting a failure as a Christian.  


There are many hurting Christians in desperate need of help, and it is common to feel like you have nowhere to turn.  I am very passionate about this topic because I am one of those Christians. I live with depression, and I’m in recovery for addiction and attempted suicide.   I also have a chronic illness, and made incredibly bad decisions in coping with her illness, desperately seeking relief.


“I am more than my body.  I am body, mind and spirit.  My body is simply the weakest unit of the triad.  Though chronic illness affects the entire triad, I have made considerable effort to strengthen my mind and spirit to find the balance of ‘Well’.   - book excerpt


One of the most anxiety releasing activities I utilize is art.  I explore art through several mediums.  I do not claim to be a proficient artist but utilizing art is cathartic to me and my primary coping mechanism.  I have an art website. 

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