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Endorsement: Dr. Samuel J. Blakely, ThD


I had the privilege to read the book Well,​ a memoir by Alias in Town, and being a pastor of some fifty
years, I was truly impressed with the author's face value honesty. Courageously she opened her
heart and soul, revealing to family and friends secrets hidden so deeply within.

Her deep devotion to the truth, exposing herself to others with the same addictions, chronic illnesses,
and pain, reminds me of these words of Jesus when He tells us, "And you shall know the truth, and
the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

Whether we are dealing with sickness, disease, addictions, or sin, truth is not only the best policy, it's
the only policy.

The exposure of herself to those who read and heed may well be the soothing balm of Gilead that
produces the healing they need from the anguish of pain and suffering.”

Samuel J. Blakely, ThD
Church of the Nazarene
Oscoda MI

Endorsement: John Buckles, Connections Pastor

I have had the privilege of knowing Anita for several years. I have always been impressed with her steadfast, enduring heart and her unyielding determination to not let anything or anyone stand in her way of running the race marked out for her by the Lord. Authoring Well is another dramatic illustration of her desire to serve others and honor God.  Well is a vulnerable and transparent account of a journey that will truly inspire hope for countless others. As a minister, I frequently encounter people in all phases of brokenness and pain.  This practical, relevant book empowers me with a triumphant story that will spur others on to doggedly address their own struggles.  

Pastor John Buckles

Heritage Community Church

Westerville, OH