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Author Biography
Alias In Town

Alias In Town is an anagram of the author's name. In every town there are alias people living
with chronic illness, chronic pain, addiction and depression. Alias In Town is one of those
people. Learning to live well while ill is a necessary and difficult endeavor. She learned multiple
coping and life strategies to be Well.

“I am more than my body. I am body, mind and spirit. My body is simply the weakest unit of the
triad. Though chronic illness affects the entire triad, I have made considerable effort to strengthen my mind and spirit to find the balance of ‘Well’. - book excerpt

Her style of writing is to combine multi-media formats into stories. She utilizes short essays to tell her
story in words. She creates original artwork to tell her story through the end of a brush. She includes
personal journal and diary entries to remain open, honest and raw in her writing.

One of the most anxiety releasing activities she utilizes is art. She explores art through several
mediums and included them in the book "Well." She does not claim to be a proficient artist but
utilizing art is cathartic to her. She has an art website.

She has been married for 35 years with 6 children and 7 grandchildren and lives in central Ohio.

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