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Addiction And Suicide Self Help - NOT!

Updated: Jan 19

I belong to a news organization where reporters seek out sources for articles and books they are writing.  If I feel I can be a source of help, I respond to the reporter.  I've had a few snippets with a byline in some articles.

Yesterday, I ran across a request that is so dangerous it has me praying with righteous indignation.  There is an anonymous author searching for sources with addiction and/or suicide stories.  That caught my attention because I have both of these stories.  As I read the description of what this author was looking for I had chills run up my spine.  

The author is looking for stories and any sources of online help or organizations that you found useful in recovery.  Not too bad so far.  Then I read that the author is putting together a self-help book for addicts and suicidal people.  Chills, right!

I'm not against self-help.  There are many areas in your life where you can help yourself.  You can set some goals, create new habits, learn a new skill, and so on.  However, I'm sure there is no reputable counselor, therapist or minister would suggest self-help for addiction or suicide.

Addiction is stealthy and subtle.  The addict has a brain that has been addled with chemicals that force unhealthy behaviors.  This is out the control of the addict.  Their minds are not thinking clearly and the truly addicted will risk anything to get their next fix.  Yes, anything.  Their relationships.  Their health.  Their freedom.  Taking a brain that is wired for addiction and applying self help techniques will simply drive the addict further into their addiction.  

Suicidal people are also not thinking clearly.  They are not themselves.  The natural will to live that normally keeps us safe from danger and preserves life is not functioning in the suicidal mind.  There is no safety net left in the brain.  A suicidal person will almost always reach out to someone for help, but not always.  They certainly can't look to themselves for help.  

This book will be dangerous.  I am praying for protection for future readers of this author's work.

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