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I Resolve

Each year, as has been my habit, I find a meditative space, to reflect on the past year and strive to make resolutions to live better in the next 12 months. However, this year, I just couldn't do it! Well here I am, January is over, and I have done 0 reflections, and created 0 resolutions.

I had to ask myself if I was slothful, greedy, lustful, mean-spirited, covetous, or in any way a generalized slob in need of a time of mustering within myself the ability to change these morose behaviors. TRUTH! I am 100%-full blown-human-being.

What If...Just what if, I decide to live life this year based on what comes my way. Of course, I could pray more, eat less, exercise more, give more, be more authentic ...etc. But I am going to live 2023 drowning in the grace I'm given. I will hold onto JESUS with tenacious faith. Why? His grace is sufficient. Even if I don't fulfill lists of resolutions or organize plans of self-improvement, or bare my soul to others. I intend to bask in God's grace.

My 2023 philosophy is to cling to Jesus and the rocks He uncovers means he is right near me in my journey. HE IS HERE!

  • I am going to relish the fact that my weaknesses reveal God's strength. I am going to bank on the abundant life which is unattainable in my human strength.

  • I will live at peace, relaxed and soaking in what Christ Jesus has already accomplished.

  • I will live in peace though surrounded by chaos, simply because that ease is mine through Christ.

  • I will pray for everything and give thanks for God's answers even if they don't meet my own desired outcome. After all, my prayers are releases of my human experiences thrust upon God and His omniscience knows exactly what to do with them. He doesn't really need my help in steering the keel of my ship-of-life.

In short, 2023, is the year I let go of influencing outcomes from my own knowledge and skills. Instead, 2023 will be me hiding behind HE and accepting His challenges, meekly removing myself so He becomes greater. I give my anxieties into HIS hands.

I've no resolutions "to Lose", i.e. lose bad habits, lose weight, lose base attitudes, lose patience... THIS YEAR I Will gain: gain love, gain respect, gain Christ's reflection in my life, gain wisdom... Those after all are the heaviest, most substantiated things.

Anyone want to GAIN with me?

Here’s to 2023!

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