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Let's Play Never Have I Ever

I will list 20 things I have never done.  If you have done one or more of them leave a comment referencing the number from my list.  Feel free to add any explanation in your comment you feel is required.  Also, leave me your own "Never Have I Ever" statement and see if I have done it.

Here we go!  Never Have I Ever...

  1. been scared of clowns.

  2. successfully made a duck face while taking a selfie.

  3. wanted to be a Kardashian.

  4. flown in a helicopter.

  5. thought about what type of dog I would be.

  6. read a single Harry Potter book.

  7. licked a frozen pole.

  8. dropped Mentos into a diet Coke.

  9. attempted martial art moves while by myself.

  10. imagined my life as a sitcom and who would play me.

  11. thought a fart smelled good.

  12. tried anchovies.

  13. tried counting the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a lollipop.

  14. used a fake ID.

  15. crashed a wedding.

  16. driven drunk.

  17. romantically kissed anyone but my husband.

  18. pushed all the floor buttons in an elevator.

  19. started a diet on any day but Monday.

  20. ridden a stand up roller coaster.