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Personal Recommendation Letter

I want to introduce you to Anita Wilson.

Anita was a key leader at NorthWoods Community Church from the earliest days and has
been a close personal friend of my wife and me for the last 28 years. Anita's life journey has
been a crazy roller-coaster since she contracted a rare chronic illness many years ago now,
and we have journeyed with her and her family through many of those highs and especially the
lows for a long, long time now. She is not only a survivor but an amazing example of
perseverance, persistence, and overcoming through her faith in God and her daily walk with
Jesus. While her illness continues, her faith has emerged stronger than ever and her story is
worth telling.

Anita recently completed her memoir about those ups/downs and I want to recommend both
her book and her availability to share her story and the pathway through depression and
addiction that she has walked. If there's an opportunity for her to be an asset to your ministry,
especially in light of our current societal entanglement with both addiction and depression and
suicide. Please feel free to reach out to her and discuss the possibilities. I'm sure you'll be
glad you did.

My wife and I love Anita beyond all words and believe in her more than we can ever express.
Phil Shomo
Chief Of Staff
Point University

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